7 Days of lockdown as told through song

Day One:

Everyday is Like Sunday – Morrissey

This list could start and end with this tune, because it is just so perfect for the times we’re living in. It’s true – every day is like Sunday! Why bother continue? Am I talking about the list or everything in general? Morrissey’s brand of camp miserabilism is the ideal soundtrack to lockdown, so ideal, in fact, you’d wonder if the whole thing was engineered by the man himself so the rest of us would know how shite it is being music’s most miserable man. Thanks, Morrissey. Heaven knows we’re all miserable now.

This is the coastal town / That they forgot to close down / Armageddon, come Armageddon! / Come, Armageddon! Come! / Everyday is like Sunday / Everyday is silent and grey

Stephen Patrick Morrissey

Day Two

I Don’t Like Mondays – The Boomtown Rats

Most people know that this song was written after Bob Geldof heard a news report about a teenage school shooter who, when asked to provide a reason for what she had done, said she wasn’t a big fan of Mondays. At this point I feel obliged to issue a very obvious health warning: don’t murder people because you don’t like a day of the week. Murder is never a proportionate response. This will all be over soon. But you’ll be waiting a few Mondays.

…the silicon chip inside her head / Gets switched to overload / And nobody’s gonna go to school today / She’s going to make them stay at home / And daddy doesn’t understand it / He always said she was as good as gold / And he can see no reason / ‘Cause there are no reasons / What reason do you need to be sure / Tell me why / I don’t like Mondays

Bob Geldof / The Boomtown Rats

Day Three

Tuesday Morning – The Pogues

Yearning for times past is probably something we’re all doing at the moment, with the absence of anything better to do. This tune is sweetly sad and wistful for a Tuesday morning when you’re lying in the bed checking your emails before you brave the day.

Too many sad days / Too many Tuesday mornings / I thought of you today / I wished it was yesterday morning / I thought of you today / I dreamt you were dressed in mourning

Songwriters: Joseph Castillo / Joshua Blum / Mark Hutner / Timothy Gruse

Day Four

Wednesday – Tori Amos

A woman is coasting along, living life, stopping for coffee, thinking about a man who may or may not be suitable for her. Typical mid-week fare. There comes a point in the week when we all hit a slump and revert to auto-pilot; all the better to have a lot of existential crises. Child genius and Cornflake Girl Tori Amos does it all before her breakfast. Sure, look, it’s multi-tasking.

Nothing here to fear / I’m just sitting around / Being foolish when / There is work to be done

Tori Amos

Day Five

Thursday’s Child – David Bowie

What’s a playlist without some Bowie? This is definitely not the first tune one thinks of when rifling through his back catalogue, but this song is very soothing even if it’s not quintessentially Bowie. It does showcase his pretty amazing voice. Unsurprisingly, it got him a Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal in 2001. He lost out to Lenny Kravitz, which happens to the best of us.

All of my life I’ve tried so hard / Doing my best with I had / Nothing much happened all the same / Something about me stood apart / A whisper of hope that seemed to fail / Maybe I’m born right out of my time / Breaking my life in two / Throw me tomorrow / Now that I really got a chance

David Bowie & Reeves Gabrels

Day Six

Friday I’m in Love – The Cure

It’s Friday and you’re on top of the world. The home office has been shut up for a brief reprieve and you’ve just remembered you have a bottle of wine in the fridge. Rosé, no less – which I could definitely picture soft goth sweetie-pie Robert Smith drinking. It’s Friday, you’re in love.

Monday you can hold your head / Tuesday, Wednesday, stay in bed / Or Thursday watch the walls instead / It’s Friday I’m in love

The Cure

Day Seven

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) – Elton John

It’s only natural; we’re spending more time at home, so we’re going to get on each others’ nerves. And this is not a time when most have nerves to spare. Saturday is supposed to be a social day, so spending it stuck inside is a bit of a pain in the hole. Trust Elton John to understand our predicament with this delightfully OTT floor-stomper that’s made to shout along to. Do try and make up with your co-habiters before the clock strikes midnight though, otherwise you’ll be mopier than Morrissey forever more.

Don’t give us none of your aggravation / We had it with your discipline / Saturday night’s alright for fighting / Get a little action in

Elton John & Bernard Taupin