Love in a cold climate — AND a global pandemic

Some of us aren’t getting it anymore.

Some of us weren’t really getting it before.

That Valentine’s Day is happening in the middle of a pandemic when touching and intimacy and even emotional closeness are verboten/ unsafe is, dare I say it, a tad dystopian.

Maybe for some people it’s a special day, but for most it’s just another Hallmark holiday — because true love is 24/7/365, ya know.

So, let that comfort or depress you on these long, lonely, locked down nights of the soul.

Also, my parents have been married for nearly thirty years. Yesterday at dinner, a conversation about eye colour prompted my Dad to say to my my Mum: “What colour are your eyes?”*

We laughed at him, and my Mum said: “They’re red when I’m annoyed and they glow in the dark.”

But when I think about it again, isn’t it nice that he still wants to know?

There’s hope for us all yet ❤

*P.S: Dad, if you’re reading this… they’re greeny-blue; you’ll have to spend a few more decades staring into them to find out for yourself…

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