Hi, I’m Blath(naid) and this is my blog

I’m a young Irish journalist – but this blog is more opinion/personal stuff. If you’re wondering about the content, I can offer you the following Quality Promise™ …

…It’s more interesting than: case law, your biology textbook from school, and a nun’s diary. Otherwise, I dunno, I’m just riffin’ man.

Recent Posts

A broad in Belgium

A collection of asides from a broad who was abroad in Belgium for a non-broadside

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The French Dispatch: review of a 4-in-1 film

Wes Anderson’s love letter to journalists looks good but needs an editor I know fuck all about films. (Or are you supposed to say ‘film?’) We are already off to a shaky start. I couldn’t say the same for Wes Anderson, a guy who knows so much about film he’s an auteur. His latest offering…

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All to play for

A recent conversation between my Dad and his brother-in-law turned to the GAA, as conversations involving my Dad often do.   My uncle had come to our house for one or two beers before he headed off to the UK for work.  And Dad, who has been spending the early part of lockdown mostly in the…

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